December 25, 2018

A Review Of 50 Blues Blues Backing Tracks By Planet Of Rock

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By Eugene Walker

For most guitarists, the dream of perfecting their Blues style is one that most achieve for. But the problem is in achieving blues guitar greatness is finding the ideal atmosphere that will allow you to expand and grow your style and technique. But what is the best way to do it?

The secret that all blues guitarists know is that the key of the perfect riff is improvisation. There is always that one moment when you are jamming with the band, when the music just overcomes you, and the perfect blues riff just flow seamlessly from your fingers. But other than getting the band together and every possible moment, there are not many opportunities for you to perfect your style to achieve such greatness. This is especially so if you do not have a band or if you band members are constantly turning up late or drunk! Believe me, it happens regularly for me.

That is where 50Blues comes in, providing professional blues backing tracks and jam tracks to develop and expand your technique. With over 50 blues backing tracks available to use, the possibilities are endless in what you can achieve.

50Blues is the perfect way to expand your style and technique because of the sheer simplicity behind it. After purchasing online, it only takes about five minutes to get the downloads you need, and it won’t be long before you have the perfect blues backing track to practice with.

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The blues backing tracks are also available for purchase via CD for all those people who are more comfortable around hi-fi systems than computers.

While there is a sheer number of options available when it comes to blues backing tracks, but what makes 50Blues rise head and shoulders above the competition is the absolute quality that comes flowing out of the speakers when you load up the tracks.

All tracks are performed by a full blues backing band, so it gives the serious blues player the chance to truly feel the mood and tempo of the music rather than try to focus on other tracks that do not provide the same quality.

The choice of blues backing tracks with 50Blues is endless, so regardless of the style and tempo you want to perfect, the choice will be at your fingertips with relative ease. And 50Blues is not just for blues guitarists, as the blues backing tracks are perfectly formed that it is regardless you play the guitar, harmonica, harp of just about any instrument that can achieve inspirational blues riffing.

Finding opportunities to perfect your style are hard to come by, so the choice of 50Blues means that you can practice your style and technique how you want, when you want.

For all serious blues musicians, there is no doubt that the secret in becoming the master is the need to take every chance to practice.

With 50Blues providing quality sounds of a true blue backing band at a simple click, it won’t be long before you discover the blues music just jumping out from within!

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