August 19, 2018

Get The Started With An Exciting New Business Opportunity Today!

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byAlma Abell

Everyone needs to earn a living in order to pay for their daily expenses. Some people go to work a traditional job while others have a more entrepreneurial spirit. For those looking for a new business opportunity, there are quite a few options available. However one of the easiest businesses to get started in right now is the massage chair business. This type of business model allows for unlimited earnings and requires no day to day labor on the part of the business owner. For an exciting new business opportunity, this is the one that shouldn’t be missed.

How does it work?

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There are many ways to get started with this type of business model. One of the ways is to become an affiliate sales person. With this option, you can set the chair up at different locations and receive a commission of every sale. This is like earning money for free every single day with no labor involved. For a very opportunistic and lucrative new business opportunity, this is one of the best ones available right now.

What locations to set up in?

There are many different locations to set up the massage chairs to receive the highest return on investment. The goal is to set up the chairs in locations where they are most likely to be used. This increases sales and commissions which is the goal of any new business opportunity. Some of the most popular locations to set up relaxing massage chairs includes shopping malls, restaurants, laundromats, nail salons, pharmacies, barber and beauty shops, car washes, and any other similar location where patrons may need to wait around for a long period of time. There are countless opportunities to set up a new business with many sales occurring on a daily basis.

How to get started

After selecting this business model as your new business opportunity, the next step is to find a company that offers the chairs and provides a commission for affiliates as well as the option for franchises. Once you have found a reputable company that offers these services, you can contact them and let them know you are interested in getting started. They will likely be very interested to hear from you as they will be looking for people to take part in their company. This can be great additional income or the exciting new business opportunity you have been waiting for.To get started with this lucrative business model, visit Spa On The Go.

February 20, 2018

Mainline Cell Homemade Boilie Bait Recipes And Expert Ingredients For Big Carp And Catfish!}

Submitted by: Tim F. Richardson

There are many carp and catfish recipes but some ingredients and combinations make all the difference between catching the biggest fish, or none at all! Some ingredients and additives, liquids and flavour components really seriously put you ahead, (as in Mainline Cell boilies!) Read on to find out more and transform your homemade baits and your big fish catches fast!

Bread, peanut butter and Marmite paste baits are about as simple and as instant as one could possibly imagine a carp bait to be; and this combination really works very well indeed! This is especially when such bait is made with added emulsified mixed nut oil for instance, (or using hemp oil plus additional betaine for the colder months!) In fact in many ways homemade Marmite paste is even better than expensive readymade boilies like Mainline Cell!

This is because of the characteristic paste openness and soluble form achieved by blending Marmite with other suitably soluble additives and ingredients. Additionally Marmites active properties and formless nature can tempt even the wariest of carp into making a mistake! Such bait is totally instant and requires zero pre-baiting which is a common feature of the truly great baits!

One of the simplest alternative bait recipes I have used is based upon hydrolysed salmon protein liquid which is an extremely viscous product and helps binds bait together yet has excellent soluble nutritionally stimulating factors. When making a homemade Cell-type boilie, this additive in powder and liquid form really makes a big difference, as do tuna meal for instance and squid meal. All of these deliver alternative amino acid profiles compared to the often-used Cell readymade and really give you an edge over wary fish!

Other aspects of such a recipe are gram flour (chick pea flour) used instead of the commonly-used soya flour. I have used ordinary white or whole meal wheat flour for years since before the days when the hard form durum wheat (semolina) can into fashion. Try using this find white powder instead of full fat or de-fatted semolina.

Another aspect is premium grade salmon oil, emulsified using a liquid lecithin at 10 percent rate per volume of oil. I aim to use a maximum of for instance 20 milliliters of oil per kilogram of base mix. Another part is hydrolysed salmon protein powder; for example used at for instance a 50 grams per kilogram base mix rate.

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Micronised maize is another aspect; it binds and hardens baits. But I only use a low level of this. Maize is one of the commonest-used bait ingredients. Another part of this recipe is sesame seeds in whole and in creamed form. The creamed form is called Tahini and is excellent. I find Tahini mixed with Marmite is an excellent blend in simple or more complex baits.

Betaine is one of the most talked about but under-used additives. I use it as much for its internal properties as anything else. Choose forms which upon adding to cold water, disappear instantly!

Marmite is one ingredient many old school anglers have been using in all their baits for years to make their baits enzyme-active due to the probiotic nature of Marmite (yeast extract.) When teamed with molasses meal and gram flour or yellow pea protein for example, you have something very special going on which is very similar to that which occurs within Cell readymade baits, (and is equally as productive!)

Molasses meal is a fantastic ingredient which has been used for decades and can be exploited in literally any bait! I really rate it, for its activation properties of baits, its feed-inducing betaine content, its special pigments and more! Alternative examples of flours to use include flaxseed flour, tapioca flour, potato starch and corn starch. These all work, together as binders.

To make your bait active which improves the solubility and digestion and stimulatory properties and vital functions of your bait you can incorporate and multi-purpose enzyme compound, such as that supplied by Feedstimulants (online,) which has a range of feed stimulants and palatability factors, enhancers, emulsified essential oils and much more. (This is a range purposely based on and inspired by my carp and catfish bait recipe secrets formulation ebooks series.)

One of the earliest carp baits I ever made in the seventies was custard powder paste. Elements of it included corn starch. It also included caseins, sugars and salts, and vanilla flavour. Wheat gluten is also very useful. It used to be a standard part of special paste baits in the seventies before milk proteins really took over binding functions. They were predominantly soluble pastes and were and still are exceptionally effective.

Many people ask me about my unique no-egg bait approach and comment on the formlessness of my baits and the diversity of the surfaces and textures I produce to fool fish thus making it much more difficult for them to sort out hook baits. But really what matters is what my baits are composed of and that which they are giving out into solution in the water column.

These substances and concentrations in combination pre-stimulate fish and pre-condition their receptors. Such aspects are vital because once my baits have been detected and fish are pre-stimulated and already in the early stages of feeding behaviours even before finding the physical baits, then once fish are in the immediate proximity of my hook baits then they really have passed beyond normal feeding caution already!

The purpose of free baits to programme receptor sites in advance of fish actually investigating your hook baits is of paramount importance and the true purpose of free baits in my experience. This is just one aspect which I cover in very great depth in my one to one personal bait tuition, quite apart from how to make baits alive and keep them active in real time as you are fishing hook baits and applying free baits, and such probiotic and prebiotic aspects seriously make all the difference to catches.

I have found after 25 years of using HNV and BNV food bait theory that there is another paradigm, a newer one which defeats the old, and this is a new way of designing and applying, evolving and specifically testing baits for guaranteed success, which Ive been developing and refining and proving through my bait tuition and ebook readers for over 8 years.

This is part of what I teach to those people with an open mind in my 1 to 1 bait tuition personal one day intensives. The people that generate the best questions are often complete beginners to bait making because these people have fewest preconceptions and the least limited mindsets!

Over the past 10 years I have aimed to get the message of the true power of making your own totally uniquely potent homemade baits out there across the world. This has been via my Facebook page and website, my Baitbigfish youtube bait secrets and bait recipe videos as well as through my Carp food column called Why do carp like that?” in Crafty Carper magazine, which Frank Warwick really encouraged me to do.

Instant flavoured baits and food baits are not the only bait paradigms and there are more and these are seriously good for the fish; which is why they are so very effective! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

About the Author: Seize this moment to improve your catches for life with this essential worldwide-proven fishing, readymade and homemade bait secrets bibles series:BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS! BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS! And BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS! NOW VISIT:


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February 8, 2018

Buying Guide For You Furniture Needs}

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Buying guide for you furniture needs


Adam Peters..This article provides details about three companies, where one can look for good furniture not only for the office but also for homes. The salient features of each company has been provided so as to make an easy choice for the customer.

There are so many companies offering different choices for your wood furniture requirement is. The problem is to choose the best company and the one that best suits your requirement. Out of the few companies available, there are few that you should be aware of as they provide some fantastic choices.

Jasper Desk

This company is known for the high-quality of wood furniture that it provides. It has been in the industry for around a century and is known for the durability of its products. Since not only do they offer a good range of desks, bookcases, seating chairs, etc. but they are also known as good service providers. Each piece of a major is made with a lot of care, and the designs are really human friendly. This makes Jasper desks, a good choice when it comes to furniture.

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This company, not only offers contemporary designs for the office, but also has a variety for the home range as well. This company also has a well maintained website, which you can take a look to understand and the different choices that are available from their stable.

TH Solid Wood

The second company that needs mentioned, for all wood furniture requirement is TH Solid Wood. The products manufactured by this company is known to last for at least a few decades and the maintenance for these products is known to be very little or minuscule. This is the best feature of this company. Each piece of furniture is designed keeping the user in mind, and therefore has that elegant look that is a natural wandered to the human eye. As mentioned before, the furniture from this company can sustain different climatic conditions, and therefore is able to remain non-damaged for years together.

They use solid wood for the construction of all pieces of furniture. They refrained from the use of particle board, and this is the reason that the durability of the furniture is much better than what any other further major manufacturers can provide.

Strictly Wood Furniture

The third company that can be mentioned here is Strictly Wood Furniture company. This company is known for furniture, that is designed and manufactured completely by the human hand. The use of machines in the manufacturing process is minimal. Furniture lovers, therefore, find the traditional touch in the items manufactured by this company. The durability of the products manufactured here cannot be questioned as they use solid wood in the manufacture of all the products. This company is also has a good choice in terms of furniture not only for the office, but also for homes. It is due to this variety of choices that the company has gained reference in the minds of a lot of customers. It has a huge fan following in terms of the designs that it provides.

These three companies should give you a good idea of the choices available in terms of wood furniture. The designs are not only contemporary, but also that have the elegance that comes out of handcrafted or modular wood furniture

. Not only the material used is solid wood but also the design and finish enhances the beauty of the final product.

Adam Peters is a syndicated editor of online magazines.More articles on

modular wood furniture

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October 11, 2017

5 Reasons To Choose Minka Aire Spacesaver Fans For Your Room}

5 Reasons to choose Minka Aire Spacesaver fans for your room


Nick P.

Ventilation, like lighting, is an important component of home and interior dcor. It plays an aesthetic role just as much as a functional one. Ceilings fans are one of the most frequently used products that provide for adequate ventilation in homes. They not only cool rooms during summer days, but also dissipate heat during winter, when used with a reverse sweep. Modern day ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to complement interior dcor. There are products specially built for use in outdoor areas and they come with damp or wet rating. Some ceiling fans also come equipped with lamps and flush mounts, thereby doubling as lighting sources.

A popular brand in the category of ceiling fans is Minka Aire, a subsidiary of the Minka Group. The brand offers its customers, an extensive range of elegant yet stylish fans for indoor and outdoor spaces. The Spacesaver is one such collection from Minka Aire that is perfect for ultra-modern settings. Heres a look at 5 features that distinguish the Spacesaver from its counterparts.

# 1 Compact size

As suggested by the name, the Spacesavers are one of the smallest variety of indoor fans manufactured by Minka Aire. With a 26 blade sweep and a pitch of 14 degrees, these fans are the perfect fit for small and compact spaces in your homes.

YouTube Preview Image

# 2 Contemporary styling

Spacesavers are a contemporary styled fans. With minimal accents, they lend a minimal yet, sophisticated look to the rooms they are placed in. The sleek and trendy design of these fans make them an apt choice for urbane homes.

# 3 Multiple finishes

Spacesaver fans come in finishes that stay true to their contemporary styling. Available in brushed steel, white and oil rubbed bronze finishes, these ventilation products blend with color schemes of all kinds.

# 4 Light sources

A great advantage of the Spacesaver range is that they come equipped with flush mounts. This means that the fans not only provide ventilation to the rooms, but also double up as light sources. While the white and brushed steel use etched opal glass for the lampshade, the oil rubbed bronze one houses a tinted opal.

# 5 Varied control functions

Spacesavers come with a 4 speed wall control unit with manual reverse. The maximum RPM achieved by them in low, medium, and high speeds are 170, 363, and 390 respectively. The reverse function is an eco-friendly and budget friendly method that lets you warm up your room during fall and winter days.

The Spacesaver range from Minka Aire a unique and futuristic design in the contemporary ceiling fan category. It features an ideal combination of form, function, and design, and is apt for use in small spaces. It creates a stunning style statement in the room it is employed in, and is the perfect choice for a discerning consumer. is a leading ecommerce store specializing in high quality handmade and rustic style lighting fixtures, including chandeliers , sconces, ceiling fans, floor and table lamps, onion light, and picture lights from leading brands such as Minka Lavery, Casablanca, Seagull, Minka Aire (


), Troy Lighting, Hudson Valley, The Modern Fan Company, etc.

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