December 6, 2018

Anthony Fisher Pixies}

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Submitted by: Dave Conrad

Anthony Fisher Pixies are unique and hand crafted. Based out of Cornwall these pieces have a creative unique look. Not your everyday storybook pixie, Anthony Fisher pixies have a similarity to the artistry of the traditional European fairytales.

These pixies are collectors items with a wide variety to choose from. Each is just as unique as the name given to them. Take for example Billy Winks Money Box a pixie figurine that is sleeping in his log home. Each pixie has a story that goes along with them. For example Billys story is that he likes to steal little things from humans just to cause trouble, that by the way is what pixies like to do best. Unfortunately, Billy Winks is a lazy pixie and you can usually find him sleeping.

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These figurines are perfect for adult or child alike. They can be placed in a childs room or through out the home. They even make a wonderful addition to any garden. Since the many of the pieces have aspects of nature in them, Anthony Fisher Pixies are a perfect match for the average gardener. Pieces such as Sunflower Sam and anyone from his Naughty Sporting series are a good choice for the garden. Other functional pieces include birdbaths, plant holders and even a welcome to my garden piece.

There are other functional pieces for in the home or for use on the patio to entertain as well. These include a wine bottle holder, cooking utensil holder and bookends. All pieces are handmade and have the signature uniqueness only an Anthony Fisher Pixie can carry.

When purchasing an Anthony Fisher Pixie be sure that is an officially licensed place that sells them and be sure to ask about a certificate of authenticity. As with all collectibles it is best to make sure that the piece has the certificate of authenticity with out this your collectible is nothing more than a statue. Also the certificate of authenticity proves that your hard earned money was spent on what you intended it to be spent on.

All in all Anthony Fisher Pixies are the perfect choice to add a little fantasy to the mundane home. They will add a feeling o warmth fun and fantasy to any location. Pieces are reasonably priced and a person on any budget can find a piece that suits them best. These pieces can be found on internet websites that deal in selling just his pieces or directly through the artists own website.

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July 24, 2018

Hints When Building A Home Basketball Court

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byAlma Abell

Basketball is an obsession with many people; they don’t care if it’s NBA, NCAA, high school or in the back yard. Although so many people absolutely love the game very few have their own court at home, to most that is nothing but a dream. There have been significant advances in materials as well as the techniques used for basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL. It actually is something that is now in the cards, you will be able to step out the door, shoot a few hoops with your kids or neighbors or use the surface for workout purposes. There are a few things that have to be taken into account;


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The two primary things that have to be considered are where on your property are you going to site the court and how big will it be when finished. When you watch games, you know how often the ball is thrown out of the court; make sure your court is well away from the windows, patio doors or any other potentially dangerous area. Leave lots of space beyond the actual playing surface so when a player runs off the court he is still on the slab.

A good way to determine if there is enough room for a full size court or whether you will have to be satisfied with a half court, drive wooden stakes in what you think will be the boundaries, tie them together with string and have a look to see if the location is feasible.

Surface materials:

Although concrete is the most frequently used material for basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL, it is also the hardest on the players; one trip and there goes the knees and elbows. Although a concrete slab is still required, there is a new material available which is tiles that interlock, the material is about ¾” thick, does not have an effect on the way the ball reacts but is soft enough to stave off any abrasions. Once the slab has been poured, and it needs to be a minimum of four inches thick, these tiles are laid. The tiles are a foot square and interlock like a jig-saw puzzle; they are available in a variety of colors.

If you are planning on building a basketball court at home, get in touch with Stewart Tennis Courts & Fencing, Inc., they are specialists at basketball court construction and repair in Tampa FL.

November 18, 2017

Promo Staffing Agency London}

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Promo staffing agency London



Promotional campaigns have the purpose of advertising a company, making people aware of it and introducing products and services to the entire market. There are many types of campaigns that can be managed successfully, especially using experiential marketing, which has a great impact without requiring making substantial investments. However, to make sure the right people will take care of the campaigns, meaning promo girls will be competent and resourceful, collaborating with a promo staffing agency London is necessary.

It might be hard for some companies to decide what promo staffing agency London to consider, especially if they haven’t worked with one so far. At first, it is necessary to put the basis on your campaign, know exactly what resources you have, what materials you need, what type of promotional staff is more representative and what results you want to achieve. Afterwards, you can discuss with the promo staffing agency London and explain all these aspects, so they can make great recommendations and they will help choose the right staff as well.

Choosing between promotional staff is the key as well, because based on them, you can measure the success of the campaign. Do you want good-looking promo girls? Perhaps models or simply energetic and positive girls that will approach potential clients, greet them and present the products or services you are showcasing. If you are unaware of what suits the event better, you can discuss with the promo staffing agency London and they will certainly present some options and make suggestions. You can rely on their level of expertise and past experiences, as they certainly have dealt with similar marketing campaigns.

Speaking of which, it is best working with a reputable promo staffing agency London, one that has ideas, experience and a database with promo girls. This way, you know for sure you are in good hands and you will also have the certainty that your marketing campaign will turn out successful. There is no need to invest considerable amounts of money in campaigns if you don’t have the right people for the job and you are unable to achieve the desired results. Based on the type of campaign you are running, you can also choose promoters. Is the event formal or more relaxed? Does it take place indoors or outdoors? Do promotional staff have to sit down most of the time or do they have to walk around and approach consumers?

Usually, the staffing agency has marketing experience as well and it is always recommended collaborating with one that does. This way, they will better understand your goals and how important such events are. You can think about conducting marketing campaigns at any time, especially when you are launching a new product or service on the market, when you are rebranding or when you simply want to make people aware of your existence. Companies that invest in such campaigns have a lot to gain from them, especially when they happen to have dedicated promo staff that will do their best to meet the desired goals.

If you want to collaborate with a reputable and experienced promo staffing agency London (, you have found the ideal one. Representatives will suggest the best promo girls ( for your campaign.

If you want to collaborate with a reputable and experienced

promo staffing agency London

, you have found the ideal one. Representatives will suggest the best

promo girls

for your campaign.

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