December 25, 2018

A Review Of 50 Blues Blues Backing Tracks By Planet Of Rock

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By Eugene Walker

For most guitarists, the dream of perfecting their Blues style is one that most achieve for. But the problem is in achieving blues guitar greatness is finding the ideal atmosphere that will allow you to expand and grow your style and technique. But what is the best way to do it?

The secret that all blues guitarists know is that the key of the perfect riff is improvisation. There is always that one moment when you are jamming with the band, when the music just overcomes you, and the perfect blues riff just flow seamlessly from your fingers. But other than getting the band together and every possible moment, there are not many opportunities for you to perfect your style to achieve such greatness. This is especially so if you do not have a band or if you band members are constantly turning up late or drunk! Believe me, it happens regularly for me.

That is where 50Blues comes in, providing professional blues backing tracks and jam tracks to develop and expand your technique. With over 50 blues backing tracks available to use, the possibilities are endless in what you can achieve.

50Blues is the perfect way to expand your style and technique because of the sheer simplicity behind it. After purchasing online, it only takes about five minutes to get the downloads you need, and it won’t be long before you have the perfect blues backing track to practice with.

YouTube Preview Image

The blues backing tracks are also available for purchase via CD for all those people who are more comfortable around hi-fi systems than computers.

While there is a sheer number of options available when it comes to blues backing tracks, but what makes 50Blues rise head and shoulders above the competition is the absolute quality that comes flowing out of the speakers when you load up the tracks.

All tracks are performed by a full blues backing band, so it gives the serious blues player the chance to truly feel the mood and tempo of the music rather than try to focus on other tracks that do not provide the same quality.

The choice of blues backing tracks with 50Blues is endless, so regardless of the style and tempo you want to perfect, the choice will be at your fingertips with relative ease. And 50Blues is not just for blues guitarists, as the blues backing tracks are perfectly formed that it is regardless you play the guitar, harmonica, harp of just about any instrument that can achieve inspirational blues riffing.

Finding opportunities to perfect your style are hard to come by, so the choice of 50Blues means that you can practice your style and technique how you want, when you want.

For all serious blues musicians, there is no doubt that the secret in becoming the master is the need to take every chance to practice.

With 50Blues providing quality sounds of a true blue backing band at a simple click, it won’t be long before you discover the blues music just jumping out from within!

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December 16, 2018

Pro Flight Simulator Review Is This Flight Simulator A Scam?

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By Michael Ortiz

There are lots of people out there who love flying… and I’m one of them. I always love playing flight simulation games while I’m not taking to the skies. My friend told me about a new flight sim called ProFlightSimulator. I’ve tried it and this is my review of it.

What I like about it:

ProFlightSimulator was developed as an alternative to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This is a fully functioning Flight Simulator that puts Microsoft to shame. Here’s why:

It is one of the latest simulators out there on the market. It is developed by professional programmers and flight instructors and the product they got is amazing. The easiness and realism to operate with the simulator is great.

There are few simulators that even get close to the ProFlightSimulator. It is the closest thing to realism that we got.

YouTube Preview Image

When storming out there while you are flying, you will feel the turbulence. ProFlightSimulator has extremely smooth and fluid instrument animation that updates at the same rate as your out-the-window view updates. It realistically models real world instrument behavior. Instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly, gyro drift is modeled correctly, themagnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces.

Also ProFlightSimulator offers you the ability to choose over from 120 different planes and helicopters. They all have different specification and will react to different weather condition according to their status-weight, height, mass, engines and etc. They are all made to be realistic as possible.

With ProFlightSimulator, you can learn to fly without every leaving your home. This is a HIGH quality, professional grade airplane flight simulator with the option to add scenery and airports that encompass the entire globe! Over 20,000 airports can be added with additional scenery sets.

The best feature in my opinion is the multiplayer support. Meet up online with other ProFlightSimulator users to fly in formation, put on an air show or just to have fun. You can easily locate other pilots or yourself with Google Map integration. Imagine having a network flight sim party with all your friends or online users.

Another nice touch is that you will get 100% free Updates / Upgrades for life. That means you can play ProFlightSimulator with the latest updates even in 10 years time.

What I didn’t like:

There is quite a lot of data to be downloaded. The main game itself is already 300 megabytes. Now if you’re on dial-up, there is an option to get the 4 DVD physical edition in the members area. I suggest you do that.


ProFlightSimulator is a must for all flight sim fans. The level of realism and the vast expense of the world is worth exploring. The bonuses provided (4 of them) is worth the entire price of the game.

With so much of the world to see, so many aircraft to fly, and so many excited new players joining in, you’ll be hooked on ProFlightSimulator for a long time. Visit their site now and I’ll see you in multiplayer!

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November 23, 2018

Point Of Sale Equipment Financing

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By Chris Mark Fletcher

Point of sale equipment may vary from business to business. A restaurant point of sale equipment may not be same as that of retail shop. Irrespective of the business, almost all the point of sale equipment is quite sophisticated and expensive. Hence it is essential to look for point of sale equipment financing.

Retail stores require different types of point of sale equipment. Cash register is one among them. In fact, cash register in a retail store plays a vital role in keeping track of sales, inventory etc. These jobs are really complicated when they are done manually. Cash register eases the job more and helps saving much time. Nowadays cash registers have become more sophisticated and they are used to process credit cards. Though they are essential to handle day to day operation in a retail store or a restaurant, they do not help generating revenue directly. Since many business people find it wise to go for point of sale equipment financing.

Point of sale software helps in many ways. It incorporates barcode, scanning, credit card swipes, inventory scanning and so on. It also helps in handling accounts payable, accounts receivables, customer information, and supplier information etc. In short the software makes running the retail store easily and conveniently. It saves more time and effort. Due to its sophisticated nature, it is quite pricey. Hence many business owners look for point of sale equipment financing to acquire it.

YouTube Preview Image

Credit card terminal is an essential point of sale equipment in this modern world. People step out of home with a credit card alone nowadays. Credit cards are safe and convenient for more people. Hence it is important to keep a credit card terminal in any retail store or restaurant. It helps saving much time and makes the credit card transaction easier. Since credit card terminals are highly sophisticated, they carry high price tags. Hence smart buyers look for financing point of sale equipment instead of investing on their own.

Currency counter is very important for a busy retail store. It saves time and eliminates human errors in counting bills. It prevents bills from sticking together and count lots of cash easily. They are available in different models to suit different types of stores. Since they increase the convenience of the business owner who needs to handle lots of cash, it is quite expensive. Hence point of sale equipment financing is the best option to acquire them.

The point of sale equipment due to their sophisticated nature tends to be very expensive. Many business owners are not willing to invest their own money in such equipment since they do not generate income directly. However they are vitally important for running the business smoothly. Hence point of sale equipment financing is the best option to acquire the essential equipment.

There are some genuine financing companies who have great experience in dealing with point of sale equipment. They understand the need of such equipment in a retail store or restaurant. Hence they grant financial assistance quickly and in better terms.

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August 26, 2018

Stock Market Trading Tutorial A Share Market Education

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By Scott Martin

There’s nothing more exciting than playing the stock market. Playing is the key word here. When you can invest $1000 and within 24 hours make it become $1500, then you develop a hunger for the game. If you dream of doing this, but are afraid to take your first step into the world of stock trading, don’t worry. Here’s a little stock market trading tutorial that should whet your appetite enough to open a brokerage account.

Every stock market trading tutorial needs to begin with the language of the trade. Of course, you know what the stock symbol is; it’s the letters that represent the company. You should know what stock shares are. If you don’t, it’s actually part ownership in a company.

When you make a trade, there are two types. The first type is the market trade; you buy or sell the stocks for the going rate, whatever it is at the moment. The second is a limit trade and one of the most important types in the stock market trading tutorial. Here you set the price to you’ll buy or sell the shares. When you trade penny stock, you ALWAYS use a limit order. If you remember nothing else from this share market education, remember that. If you want to buy shares for .001 per share and have $1000 to do that, plus the cost of the trade, and order 1,000,000 shares but use the market price you find out very quickly that you don’t always get what you think you’ll get. Market makers, the men that control the shares of specific companies, can decide that they really want .01 a share and suddenly you owe $10,000. Even if there is no foul play, the market moves swiftly and a tenth of a penny can make the difference between a profit and a loss. So, lesson one of the stock trading tutorial is use the limit order and decide ahead of time how much you want to pay and what price you want from the stock.

YouTube Preview Image

Lesson two of the stock market tutorial goes with the limit order. You don’t need to be a slave to the market. Look for stocks with trends. Some prices go up and down in regular intervals. They volley between two prices. If you find one that does, pick a number close to its bottom price and put in a limit order. You can then go about your business and when it hits that price, you automatically bought it. If the price is lower, you got it for the lower price. The share trading education doesn’t end there. As soon as you find you bought the stock, put in a sell limit order for the upper end of the cycle, and go watch television or eat lunch. The transaction takes place when it hits that price. Do you always make as much as you can? Absolutely not, but you didn’t have expend all the effort either. This stock market trading tutorial gives some share trading education that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Lesson three of the stock market trading tutorial involves knowing how much you want to make on the trade. ‘What a silly lesson for a stock market trading tutorial.’ You say. ‘I want to make as much as possible.’ Sorry, wrong answer. You need to find a comfortable profit and not get greedy. Remember, much of the money you make is in just a few days if you’re a short-term investor. If you made $50 the first day and then added it to you investment and made $60 on that the second day and kept adding and increasing your return, the numbers grow geometrically and just like the penny doubled every day for one year, you soon make a huge sum. If you try to guess at exactly when to trade, you often end up losing all profit. Investing shares for beginners quote, ‘A profit, like cash, makes no enemies.’ Keep that in mind from this stock market trading tutorial.

A quick review of the three lessons from the stock market trading tutorial:

1. Use a limit order particularly with penny stocks.

2. Look for trends and set buy and sell limits with them and don’t be a slave to the market.

3. Know how much profit is comfortable and sell when you reach it.

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May 25, 2018

Credit Karma Free Credit Score Review

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By Ryan Pauline

Nowadays, almost everyone is aware of just how important a credit score is. This is why more and more people are making sure to check their credit scores with the aim of improving it in preparation for a loan. Unfortunately, most people are detracted by the fact that most credit bureaus demand payment for a credit score. As a result, there is an endless supply of debtors who are looking for ways to check their credit ranking for free. This is where Credit Karma free credit score review comes in, a site which provides accurate results without spending a single cent.

Credit Karma

The site has become popular over the years not only because it provides what people want for absolutely nothing, but also because of the speed and accuracy of the results. Credit Karma gets its data from three reliable credit bureaus for added accuracy. At the same time, the website itself is well made and is very easy to use. In fact, some Credit Karma free credit score review rates it as one of the best sites to get credit ratings for absolutely nothing. The site runs with the help of advertisements, making the ‘no hidden charges’ deal possible. Credit Karma also offers a ‘no credit card’ service, allowing users to check their credit score without actually giving away credit card number information. Additionally, the scores are automatically compared or ranked in a larger scale, giving users the idea of how their ratings measure up with others.

YouTube Preview Image


In some of the Credit Karma free credit score review, users have complained that the site cannot find their credit history. The fact that Credit Karma also doesn’t use the FICO scoring system is a big disadvantage for most users. This is because most lending institutions utilize FICO to assess credit scores. As mentioned above, the service does not require a credit card to work. However, personal information is still required by the system for verification purposes as well as checking credit history against bureaus.

Getting a Good Credit Score

One great thing about Credit Karma is its credit score simulator. As most people know, there are certain factors that are used by creditors to determine how a person rates. With the use of the simulator, a user can change different variables and watch how these affect their credit score. Ultimately, the simulator allows debtors to see exactly how their different financial decisions would affect their score in the future.

Importance of Credit Scores

Although the Credit Karma free credit score review does not provide a perfect simulation of one’s credit ranking, it is a good way to get a glimpse of one’s financial situation. Contrary to what most people think, a bad credit score doesn’t prevent one from getting a loan. The problem is that the loan would be riddled with large interest rates to the point that it would be unreasonable. On the other hand, by getting and maintaining a good credit score, debtors have better chances of getting lower interest rates on their loans, thereby saving money in the long run.

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December 30, 2017

How To Become A Mortgage Broker In Australia

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By Michael Sterios

Becoming a mortgage broker and helping people with their home loans is one of the most intrinsically rewarding finance careers in Australia. In addition to the buzz of helping people buy their homes, successful brokers also enjoy a high income and the lifestyle it affords.

While the profession isn’t for everyone, mortgage brokers come from many different backgrounds. This is partly because the entry requirements into the profession are not as stringent as other careers, such as medicine or accounting, for which a university degree is required. There are, however, some entry requirements that must be met before an individual can begin a career as a mortgage broker, and there is also a requirement for ongoing professional development that must be maintained in order to remain qualified.

The minimum academic requirement that must be completed by any individual wishing to become a mortgage broker is the Certificate 4 in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage lending FNS40804). This course is offered by many different institutions and can be conducted either face to face or by distance learning depending on the institution. Although distance learning is an option it is recommended that prospective brokers with no industry experience undergo the training in person. This will allow the student to ask questions of their instructor and receive extra attention on any concepts that are difficult to grasp.

Once the Certificate is completed the individual will be required to join an industry association. There are two options available; the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) and the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia). The MFAA was previously called the MIAA. Brokers are only required to join one association and both require the Certificate 4 to be completed before joining. Additionally, there is Federal legislation currently being introduced that will make it a legal requirement for all mortgage brokers in Australia to complete the Certificate.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to the minimum academic requirements it is recommended that prospective brokers contain several personal qualities that will help them succeed in the industry. A basic grasp of mathematics is required to accurately assess the suitability of the finance products that the broker will advise their clients on. A basic grasp of the English language is also required as legal documents are involved in property transactions.

As mortgage broking is essentially a sales job paying commissions, some sales experience is beneficial, although this can be learned from franchisors or mentors. It is also essential to be self-motivated and well organised, especially if conducting business in a self-employed capacity. It is likely that the mortgage broker will deal with multiple applications from several different clients at any one time so good organisational skills are a must to stay ahead of the game.

Once a broker has completed their initial training and gained some experience they will be required to complete further education. This is known as CPD (Continued Professional Development). Various training institutions offer courses that count towards CPD requirements. Some of these courses can also be used to gain new marketable skills such as the ability to offer clients commercial mortgages and other finance products.

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