November 28, 2017

A Review Of The Easy Postcard Marketing Income Opportunity

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By Brian Garvin And Jeff West

Article Summary – Find out the truth about Easy Postcard Marketing and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the Easy Postcard Marketing Income Opportunity.

Easy Postcard Marketing is one of those old ideas, that makes sense. When you receive a post card from someone, what is the first thing you do? Turn the post card over, to see who sent it. It is a natural. What better way to market your business and get noticed?

With all of the different methods that companies and businesses use to market on the internet, the compettition to become noticed by others can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all it takes is a tried and true method that worked before, but got swept under the table in the race for a better marketing machine.

Simply stated, sending post cards through the mail works. It never stopped working. It is human nature to look at a post card, then flip it over, to see who it is from, or what the message on the card says. It is an effective marketing tool that will work, as long as we still get mail.

Easy Postcard Marketing has a simple, no nonsense approach that is incredibly effective and produces results, without spending a fortune, by follow their steps.

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You set up an online account with them. Easy Postcard Marketing has thousands of post cards you can choose from to market your campaign with, or have one created to your custom specifications. Upload your contact list to them.

The company is so sure their simple system will get results for your business, they offer a free trial offer to anyone, to try it for themselves. To take advantage of this free offer, all you need to do is visit their website and fill out a short online form.

The next step is to type in your message. Easy Postcard Marketing has a built in mail merge, every card you send is personalized. Press send, and you are finished! It is that easy.

As a business opportunity, Easy Postcard Marketing will pay you when you refer customers as an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you get a lifetime system license.

A greeting card is 2 points, a post card is 1 point. A upload picture uses 1 point. You receive 200 points (sends one hundred cards), 7 stamps to begin with and one hundred points per month, when you send 50 greeting cards.

Commissions depend on the points sold.

As a affiliate, you receive $100-$150 for every person referred who becomes a distributor. After three referrals, your membership is basically covered.

You can earn 2%-32% monthly residual income on cards sent by your referrals. You also receive commissions when your referrals refer others all the way down to seven levels deep.

As a affiliate with Easy Postcard Marketing, you are also provided with all of the tools needed to show other concerns how they can expand their base by sending out post cards. The company also does all of the follow up advertising for you.

For more detailed information about affiliate opportunities with Easy Postcard Marketing, you will have to go to their website and sign up.

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September 28, 2017

A New Concept In Shopping Grocery In Gurgaon Order On Phone

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Submitted by: Liza Maxwell

Tired of having to go shopping for groceries every weekend? Anyway, the hectic life and the demanding work schedule during the entire week hardly ever leaves time for leisure and then on the weekends too -for which you were waiting so eagerly so that you could spend the entire two days lazing around- there is hardly any respite! You are forced to join the mad rush of people on every Saturday in the supermarket and then even wait further in the long queue in order to pay!

Now, in order to lessen your troubles and to make life more comfortable for you, the internet has come out with the perfect solution online grocery stores! Internet shopping has been around for quite some time and since, it proved to be very successful, grocery shops too are now trying to make use of this platform to appeal to the people! Of course, not every grocery chain has made the leap to join the internet bandwagon but many have and from the response they have received, it has been clear that shopping online for groceries is something that is here to stay!

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Rocket Stores is one of the latest to join the world of internet shopping. Started by GMF Retail Company, its main purpose is to make the lives of people living in Gurgaon easier, more comfortable and convenient. An online grocery shop, Rocket Stores has more than 2000 items at your service! You will get just about all the daily use stuffs, can order them online and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Depending on the time, you can even get the goods you have ordered delivered on the very same day or latest by the next day.

Delivery charges are very nominal too and if you order goods above a certain amount, you are also likely to get all your products delivered home absolutely free of cost! The best thing about any online grocery store is the competitive prices and the availability of various discount coupons. And Rocket Stores is no different you can choose from plenty of coupons daily. For example, some of the offers that are going on currently are buy 3 Tropicana and get 1 Ltr free; buy 1 kg Taaza Tea and get 1 kg sugar free, etc.

Finally, apart from the fact that you are saving money and time and getting guaranteed fresh products, the greatest advantage of Rocket Stores is that you can shop from there at any time of the day you want to whether that be while you are taking a break in office or even in the night after you are done and over with all the day s work. So, citizens of Gurgaon, make the leap into the world of online grocery shopping and sit back and relax, for you no longer need to waste the precious little free time you get on shopping! With the arrival of Rocket Stores, you can just order the required groceries online and get them delivered right at your home!

About the Author: Rocket Stores – The premium online delivery store is launched in Gurgaon.Rocket Stores believes in quick, efficient and reliable delivery of groceries and daily use items.The Gurgaon citizens can call them and have the groceries home delivered the time they want.


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