November 17, 2018

The Benefits Of Routine Lawn And Landscape Maintenance In Spokane

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byAlma Abell

An essential part of lawn and landscape maintenance is how and when to mow. This is a task that is often repeated during the summer season but also has undeniable advantages for the lawn all year long. Whether you enjoy it or consider it a weekly chore, mowing the garden is one of the most critical parts of Landscape Maintenance in Spokane. Proper mowing practices help homeowners avoid the majority of problems experts see on a daily basis.

The benefits of lawn care

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Mowing grass correctly allows the roots to grow well, thus ensuring the lawn is “rooted” well. A lawn, if appropriately mowed, is more resistant to periods of drought, insect attacks and the spread of weeds. Conversely, shallow clippings form shallow roots, affecting the absorption of water and nutrients by grass, which becomes more vulnerable to the issues listed above.

Mowing, therefore, allows the owner to:

  • Ensure a better rooting
  • Conserve soil moisture and the green color of the grass
  • Prevent damage from diseases and insects (such as grubs)
  • To reduce the presence of weeds

The proper way to mow

Landscape Maintenance in Spokane should meet specific basic rules, especially regarding cutting height, frequency, and timing. Mow at two-and-a-quarter inches when first mowing in the spring as this helps to stimulate the growth. Do the same when mowing in the autumn -; to prevent the development of lawn issues.

Mow at the height of about three inches during the rest of the spring, summer and fall seasons. To maintain this height, start mowing as soon as the grass strands reach four inches. Maintain a regular mowing frequency to avoid cutting more than one-third of the length of the strands.

Other things to remember

In times of active growth, mow every week or even every five days. For the summer months, space the mowing every two weeks (unless there is lots of rainfall). Never mow in hot weather or when the lawn is wet, after a rain or with morning dew.

Mow dry grass before a rain or during the late afternoon. This ensures a cleaner cut and evenly distributed residue on the lawn. Modify the mowing path every week so that the clippings are not always spread to the same places. Visit us for more information.

October 20, 2018

Planter Well Reservoir Systems For Your Planter Boxes

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Planter Well Reservoir Systems For Your Planter Boxes


Beth Delos Santos

The ordinary garden pots that we have at home commonly have drainage holes and these serve as the irrigation system for our plants. But in today s modern and technologically-advanced world, planter boxes can already have reservoir systems installed in them. These reservoir systems can keep our planter boxes properly irrigated for a month or more in just one filling.

One of the mostly used reservoir systems for commercial planters today is the Planter Well. This self-watering reservoir for pots, window boxes, and any type of indoor and outdoor planters can keep your most precious plants and flowers moist for a month. They come in different sizes and shapes that could irrigate nearly any plant containers from small to large planters.

Modern planters today have amazing designs and can really be valuable in appearance. So if they do not have proper irrigation system, the frequent watering may only cause damages to your modern planters. It may also have a tendency to leak and mess your home or office.

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The Planter Well irrigation system is a great medium for everyone to take care of their modern planters as well as their plants and flowers. It will do the watering job for you while ensuring a clean surrounding at the same time. Thus, you can already have more time for your other tasks, leisure activities, relaxation, and bond with your family or friends.

Large companies and institutions that use commercial planters are using Planter Well irrigation system to save in their maintenance cost. It has also been one of their solutions in helping conserve water during the critical period of water conservation. Placing Planter Well irrigation system from their small planter boxes to their large planters have significantly made a positive change to operations.

If you already bought your indoor and outdoor planters and they do not include an irrigation system or that they are not very effective, you may also buy Planter Well irrigation system separately from the manufacturers or from the internet. With many available sizes and shapes, they can easily be installed to your indoor and outdoor planters. Once you have them installed, you can then relax and enjoy the beautiful view of your beautiful plants and modern planters.

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April 17, 2018

A Look At Different Types Of Roses

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Submitted by: Adrianna Notton

There are more one thousand different types of roses that you can use to compliment your garden. Taking care of this plant will go a long way in making our flower bed look good. Some types will require more care than others. With dedication, a few tips and hard work taking care of your plants can be fun.

Pruning is an integral part in the growth of any plant. Cut off dead branches or the ones that look weak or old. You should leave about four healthy branches in your bush. The importance of pruning is that it gives your branches good air circulation and the weak and old branches don’t compete for food with the strong and healthy branches.

The next vital part in caring for your rose plant is watering. Your plants will need up to one inch of water daily. If your area has a lot of rain you won’t have to water the plants that often. During the growing season your plants will need more water than other seasons.

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Your plants need a steady supply of food if they are to grow healthy and strong. During the growing season, adding fertilizer on a regular basis will give the plants enough food for their growth. Good fertilizer will make sure that they are well fed. The best type to buy is the slow release granular rose food. This fertilizer has the ability of feeding your roses all season. You may also opt to use liquid fertilizer which you will need to use every three to four weeks.

One of the most integral part in taking care of your roses in mulching. The mulch will kill off any weeds that will sprout in your garden. Weeds are a potential disease vector that will make the plants sick. You should use about one to two inches of mulch on your garden. Mulched plants became less often infected by pests and fungus. The best type of mulch would be any biodegradable organic material such as pine needles or wood chips.

Alternatively if you want your soil to be visible, then weeding will be the most reasonable way to deal with weeds. Make sure that you have the right tools for this job. Basically you should remove all plants sprouting around your roses. You may send flowers that you are proud of from your garden.

In case there is an outbreak of disease in your garden you will need to spray the plants. Before you spray the plant first cut off the branches that are infected. This branches you will take to a reliable plants center were the staff will prescribe the best pesticide or herbicide for the plants. Follow the instruction as you treat your plants, the staff at the plant center will provide more advice if you encounter more problems.

Winter is a hard time for most plants especially those that are not adapted to the cold. Frost tends to kill off plant and so you must take measures to protect your roses. To protect them during this period, stop fertilizing the plants as early as autumn. Stop adding fertilizer to your plants about a month before the frost period begins.

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March 12, 2018

To Have A Lush Green Landscape Opt For Landscape Irrigation Surrey}

Submitted by: Julia Bennet

One of the most important aspects of having a healthy landscape is proper irrigation. While it is a common notion that irrigation is only associated with agriculture, there is a need to break such ideas and state the importance of landscape irrigation Surrey. The garden watering system Surrey is not only economic but, it lasts longer and is easily available with the added advantage of online purchase. Surrey is known for its beautiful gardens that enhance the scenic beauty of the place. But, before we start discussing the advantages of watering the landscape to retain that beauty, talking about the finer points about garden watering becomes necessary.

What is landscape irrigation Surrey? It can be defined as the human interference and manipulation on the hydrologic cycle to improve the quality of the landscape. It is an artificial method of watering a landscape for a healthier and greener garden that blooms and blossoms well. The importance of irrigation is high as it eliminates the chance of watering deficit. Not every day does it rain, and thus, garden watering system Surrey helps in maintaining the water and moisture balance in the soil so that the plants can develop fully.

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The necessity of landscape irrigation Surrey system is high because of quite a few situations. Like, rainfall is less that the requirement of the garden plants. Two, although rainfall is sufficient, the spatial distribution is not up to the mark. And three, although spatial distribution and rainfall are okay, the temporal distribution of rainfall is not meeting the requirement. Any place can face these three problems which of course will cast an effect on the wellness of your landscaped garden. In such a case depending on an alternate but dependable option like garden watering system Surrey is the most logical solution.

Among the basic advantages of engaging landscape irrigation Surrey system, the first and foremost is it helps increase the market value of your premises. Secondly, it controls the water usage as compared to other methods of watering. Thirdly it does not interrupt your garden activities as you do not have to carry along coils of pipes or move away when the sprinklers are in action. A well-planned matrix of porous pipes is all that makes garden watering system Surrey a convenient option that has now found many takers.

Since a garden watering system Surrey does not waste water it is an economic option too. It saves a lot of time and if the initial planning is well made then the investment starts giving returns from day one. Gone are days when you had to rush home to water your blooms. A simple device called a timer can let you schedule the watering and, you need not be at home even. Thus, opting for solutions like landscape irrigation Surrey is highly effective. You can add connectors, hose, pressure regulators, plugs and other devices to the maze of leaky pipes and create one unit that covers the entire ground. The best part is that you can change the configuration as and when you like. So, click to buy the essentials today and get on the design board today.

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February 18, 2018

Different Types Of Flooring Methods

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Submitted by: Todd Herman

Our home can be considered as the nest of our dreams. People all over the world tries hard to make their home a beautiful and stylish place. There are various factors which determines the outlook of your home, and these factors ranges from courtyard to kitchen, roofing to flooring and rooftop to patios. Flooring of a home plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your home.

Beautiful floors will add elegance to your home and it will change the whole outlook of your room. It can create a dramatic impact in the appearance of your home to a great extend. So we need to be very careful before choosing the right type of flooring which suits your needs and budget. There are various options available for you while deciding on the flooring of your home. Please find below the list of 09 most popular flooring methods adopted all over the world.

1) Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo flooring is one of the new entry in the flooring industry. Bamboo floors are gaining more and more popularity due to its Eco friendliness. Bamboo floors are highly durable and it offers an elegant look to your home. Honey and light tan are the two color variants you can choose for bamboo flooring.

2) Hardwood Flooring: This is the most conservative type of flooring method we have been adopting for ages. This type of flooring offers natural beauty and durability for your home. Oak, Maple, Cherry , Pine, Walnut and many more are used for hardwood flooring.

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3) Linoleum Flooring: Linoleum is an eco friendly material which is obtained from raw materials. You can select a wide variety of colors while using Linoleum flooring. These types of floors are available in various thickness and you can choose the one which suits your needs and tastes.

4) Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring has created a silent revolution in this arena. Due to its easy maintenance, this type of flooring is getting rave reviews from United States of America and Europe. Laminate flooring is pretty cheap hen compared to hardwood flooring and this is one of the main reason behind its wide spread popularity.

5) Ceramic Tiles: This type of flooring is very popular all over the world. It can be used as floor tiles for both indoor and outdoor. People prefers unglazed tiles for outdoor purposes to avoid the risk of slipping.

6) Rubber Flooring: This type of flooring is very much suitable recreational rooms, play rooms and kid’s bedrooms. Very little maintenance is required and you can wash the floor using plain water or cleansers.

7) Vinyl Sheet Flooring: This type of flooring is very much suitable for work areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is very much similar to tile flooring, but have less price when compared to ceramic tiles.

8) Cork Flooring: Cork flooring is available in various colors, textures and sizes. The natural patterns available will surely enhance the interior of your rooms.

9) Marble flooring: This type of flooring can be considered as the uncrowned king in this arena. Marble flooring gives a gorgeous look for your home and you can choose various colors according to your wish.

Beautiful and stylish flooring will add the gorgeousness of you home and it plays a vital part in deciding the durability of your home. So select an appropriate flooring for your home which satisfies both beauty and q

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November 5, 2017

Valentines Day Plants As Gifts For Every Mother In The World

Valentines Day Plants As Gifts For Every Mother In The World



Valentine\’s Day is a moment for expressing love and friendship with family and friends. Sending gifts are very common in almost all part of the world and these become the usual practice. Choosing the right gift can be quite a joy and some spend huge time in finding the right item for a special someone. This is also the time for making unforgettable memories by giving gifts that convey love and affection. Words may be difficult to utter but giving valuable items are easy and very memorable. Even your sister or mother deserves a special treatment this valentines day and they should experience your love and thoughtfulness by sending gifts to them. They do not need to be so expensive but let them portray love and appreciation.

Mother\’s day are usually celebrated every 12th of May, but early as 14th of February we can still let them feel that they are special and reminder of all the live and love they pour into our lives. Mothers day plants serve as a symbol of growing love, appreciation and gratitude for the most important person in our life, our mother. From tropical foliage to traditional flowers, you can capture all emotions through live plants and simply these serve as a reminder of how much you care and how much you love them. Moreover, live plants convey lasting love as it grows and blooms every season.

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Mother\’s day plants can also be very special gifts this Valentine. Many people may be sending greeting cards, cut flowers, chocolates but these will not last forever. A day or two these item will tend to wither and die and even fade after couple of weeks. But live plants will still be there blooming and growing over time. With motherly care and love, these plants will last for a long time and stay as a legacy of your love to them. Valentines is indeed their special day honoring them for all she has done in our lives. A live gift plant will be a symbol of your growing love and gratitude and how much you care for them.

There are many live plants for mother\’s day that you can use as gifts this Valentines day. Nowadays you can purchase these items online without a hassle. Just a few clicks and you can send these plants to your mother and can be customized in gift wraps with special notes.

For more information and resources on plants for moms and other potted plant gifts please visit

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