February 7, 2018

How To Remove Your Acne Naturally

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How To Remove Your Acne Naturally


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To get rid of acne, many people can go to intense measures and use risky methods and drugs. The acknowledgment of the dangers associated with these kinds of measures has seen a large number of individuals turn to more natural and healthy solutions to cope with acne. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western style medicine both agree that diet and life style can help prevent acne. Chinese medicine by its very nature focuses on the deeper causes of any ailment and can as such be considered a more holistic approach.

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1. Once you are done with the cleansing diet, it is important that you keep drinking plenty of fluids to continue detox. Drink around 2 liters of water everyday, and keep having fresh fruit juices without any sugar, and coconut water. 2. Another way to use herbs is creating an infusion that may be used as a facial wash or steaming. Calendula is one such herb that has healing proprieties. Lavender and rosewater can be used to relieve the swelling that is related to acne. When there are flare-ups, skin is inflamed leading to discomfort and inflammation. Cold compresses of these two herbs are relaxing and bring down swelling. 3. Green Tea: This natural remedy is often used for curing acne. It is available in an over the counter cream form or you can use green tea leaves and apply it to your face. 4. Rub vitamin E oil into the scarred areas. Vitamin E is a proven healer for scars. It encourages the growth of new skin, which will speed the healing process of the pitted areas. Vitamin E is twice as effective when used after exfoliation, but you should use the vitamin E oil twice a day in the morning and the evening even though you cannot exfoliate that often. 5. Steam to Detox: An excellent way of acne prevention is to take steam. You can go to sauna rooms, or use the steam rooms in your gym. However, if you don’t have access to such places, then just run a hot shower, and stand in the steam. You can also boil water in a pot and take the steam, to clear up your skin. A little massage after the steam, will also help to relax and tighten the skin. 6. Moisturize your skin twice a day. Apply the rich moisturizer before applying makeup in the morning and just before bed at night. Make sure that the vitamin E oil has absorbed completely before you apply moisturizer.

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How To Remove Your Acne Naturally

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