February 12, 2018

Learning May Be Fundamental Visual Appeal Makes It Fun

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Learning May Be Fundamental – Visual Appeal Makes It Fun by bishop17imEducators everywhere are constantly searching for ways to motivate their students and promote an atmosphere that is conducive to absorbing and learning the material they have to present. Conversely, students everywhere are generally resistant to being coerced into the learning process, part of which seems to be the natural rebellion common to young people as they rise through the grades, but part of that resistance also seems to stem from generally unattractive or non-stimulating surroundings. Schools are, by and large, institutional and somewhat industrial, and the efforts made toward changing this often fall on deaf ears of school boards with control of the funding reins. Research, however, is proving over and over that visual appeal is vital when it comes to creating an atmosphere for learning. The connections between cognition and emotion continue to be studied with revealing results – how we learn is vastly impacted by how we feel about that opportunity, and how we feel about it is vastly impacted by what we see. If we don’t like what we see – if it is bland or poorly designed or otherwise not stimulating – our resistance to the subject matter increases. Some students in that environment are quietly resistant, some are vocally resistant, and some just shut down and shut out all efforts to get them to engage. Based on the connections between visual appeal and learning, Fusional design firm in Kent created a concept that is taking hold in area schools for its inspirational and positive aspects. The concept is feature walls – large, graphically designed and colorful walls of imagery and information that cover a space top to bottom and side to side creating a conversational focus for learning and imagination. Imagine students having their minds and curiosity stimulated by a huge wall of science projects that have driven the greatest advances in the modern world – colorful, explosively imaginative and factually accurate information presented in a way that captures the attention and motivates the instinct to ask questions and to learn. This type of visually appealing stimulation is being used to great success in schools across the country as well as in forward-thinking offices and businesses that see the advantage of promotion by providing images that people love to examine and admire. Fusional has a team of talented designers and photographers who work closely with school administrators to determine the direction of the teaching potential for School Wall Art, its placement within the school – and this can be outdoors as well as indoors – and take the idea all the way through to execution. The designs are printed on tough laminated vinyl that covers tired walls, doors stairwells – just about anywhere you can imagine – and they are crafted to be durable and last for years. If you are considering repainting those tired surfaces in the usual way, reconsider and try a refresh that will inspire students and teachers to have learning conversations for years to come. Make your school stand out in the best possible way with an environment that shows students the fun that can be had in learning fundamentals with School Feature Walls from Fusional.Fusional makes learning fun. Visit today to learn more about Article Source:

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