December 2, 2018

Signs That Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Is Faulty: Where To Get Sub Zero Repair In Atlanta

byAlma Abell

With a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you are assured of quality services. Sub-Zero is among the best brands known for keeping your food fresh. This is because their doors are double sealed preventing any cold from getting out and warm air from getting in which helps in saving energy. If you are looking for a refrigerator that will serve you for years, then do not look further. Sub-Zeros are long time investments because they can serve you for many years without operational problems. There are however common problems that may require Sub Zero Repair in Atlanta and with the following tips, you will know how to deal with them.

Lights not working in the refrigerator

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Everything else might be working well but then you realize that the lights in the fridge are not working. Double check your power source and if the power is efficiently being distributed, that might not be the problem. Check if the bulbs have burned out and change them if need be. If you test the bulbs and find that they are okay, check the user’s manual for any problems related to the lights for a better solution.

Strange noises

Strange noises are sometimes normal when the appliance is running. Give the refrigerators time and if the noises persist, check if the ice maker is failing. Try and connect the icemaker properly but if the noises do not subdue, call a Sub-Zero repair technician to take care of the problem.


Condensation is another very common thing on the outer surface of the refrigerator especially when the temperatures are humid. If you notice condensation during the hot climates, first check if the doors are properly closed and if the seals are in good condition and working well.

Funny odors

If you detect any odors out of the ordinary, do not ignore it. Check if any of the food is spoiled and ensure that all is kept sealed. Another culprit for the foul smell is the air purification cartridge. Change it and if the smell does not go away, call in the provider of Sub Zero repair in Atlanta .

If you are having complicated problems with your Sub-Zero, let the professionals handle it. Find the best technician for your appliance by contacting The Appliance Doctor or visiting through visiting their website.

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