January 5, 2018

Taking Your Dog For A Walk And Taking Care Of His Toilet Needs

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Taking your dog for a walk and taking care of his toilet needs


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Apart from when he wakes up and after eating, there’s another time when a puppy may need to urinate and that’s after he’s been playing hard. Be aware of this and take him to his paper or outdoor spot as soon as the game is over. Remember that your puppy is a social creature and wants to please you. So with patience, perseverance, and consistency on your part and the part of family members,house breaking should be a fairly painless procedure for all involved regardless what method you use. When you bring an older dog into your home you’ll need to approach training in a different way. Since the dog is used to other routines, paper training may be a difficult job especially if the dog has never been trained at all. As with a puppy, you can try paper training or regular trips to the outside area designated for the dog’s use. And, as with a younger dog, take the dog outside every two hours and praise him lavishly when he performs in the right place. If A the older dog urinates or defecates in the house, scold him only when you catch him in the act.

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Don’t rub his nose in any mess he makes; this may relieve your feelings of anger or frustration, but the dog learns nothing from it. Training your older dog may take as long, or even longer, than training a puppy, but the dog will eventually respond to your verbal encouragement and praise. Once he’s trained, you’ll only need to take him out two or three times a day. One of your responsibilities as a dog owner is to clean up after your dog. In some areas you’re legally required to do so. But even where no specific legal restrictions exist, common sense tells you that the health of your dog depends on the cleanliness of his surroundings. Parasites and germs are transferred in the feces, and if waste is not removed regularly the dog will re infect himself and infect other dogs. If your dog uses your back yard or a dog run for voiding, try training him to use an area of concrete or some other hard surface rather than a grassy or overgrown area

that cannot easily be washed down. Remove the feces immediately and get rid of them. The same applies if your dog voids off your property. It’s your responsibility to remove the feces and dispose of them. This is particularly important in urban areas where there are heavy concentrations of dogs many of which are, unfortunately, allowed to run loose. Constant soiling of the ground in such areas makes for a year-round parasite problem. There are a number of commercial ‘pooper-scoopers” on the market that you can use to remove your dog’s feces. Some of these have long handles so you don’t have to bend. Or you can use a small shovel and a plastic bag it’s just as effective. If every dog owner regularly cleaned up after his pet, the streets would be healthier and more pleas ant for everyone, and there would be less hostility between people who own dogs and people who don’t.

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