February 5, 2018

Volvo V70}

Submitted by: John Coombs

Volvo V70

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OK lets start with a little bit about me. I’m a Volvo owner who obviously has a passion about the Volvo range. Clearly my most favorite Volvo is the V70. However I have owned a V40 in the past. Which is also a good vehicle. All of my Volvo’s have been diesel and I consider my self to have a lot of knowledge about these cars. I want to pass on my insite to you the reader to give you an idea how easy they are to maintain. And where you can buy cheap reliable new or second hands parts if you need them. That being said Volvo’s are very reliable cars my first V70 managed a massive amount of miles. Clocking nearly 400000miles before being sent to the scrap yard in the sky. A very sad day I may add. Volvo cars are not only very reliable they are also very comfortable to drive and be driven it. They are built like tanks so they are very strong in accidents, they are also cheaper than premium brands like BMW and Mercedes. But having said that they have a very high build quality that makes them last longer than the posh German cars.I’m hoping over the next few articles I will be able to gain your interest in the Volvo brand. Don’t worry I’m not a car salesman I just have an interest in them and would like to find other people who could take an interest. Volvo’s have a large following around the world but some times they are seen as the boring option when purchasing a car..This is simply not true. They can carry an enormous amount of stuff and weight. They work best on long distances as they are very comfortable to drive.Volvo was originally started in Sweden and the main production of the their cars are still produced there. They have car plant and engine production all based in Sweden. They are now owned by a Chinese company, after Ford motor company sold them several years ago to cover their mountain loses. Since Chinese investment they have gone from strength to strength. My main interest in actually in the V70 model and in particular the D5 Mark 2 version of the vehicle. Ownership of one of these cars will change your transport life. They are large and safe. The diesel version of the V70 is very economic even though it’s a heavy car with a 5 cylinder engine it runs well and does not cost the earth to keep on the road.

Volvo have a few large vehicles the V70 I feel is the best, it is Volvo main estate car, the car will keep on going. The other main reason that I personally like them is that they are very safe to drive and that’s very important for me and my family to feel safe while on the road. There is also a 4×4 version of the car called an XC70. The ride height is higher due to it having a rear facing drive shaft. They most come with an auto gearbox if that floats your boat. Over all I believe the normal V70 does the job perfectly. You don’t need a 4×4 unless you live in an harsh environment.

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