March 7, 2018

Article Marketing For Higher Conversion How To Use Articles To Turn More Prospects To Paying Custo

Article Marketing For Higher Conversion – How To Use Articles To Turn More Prospects To Paying Custo


Gen WrightConverting prospects to buying customers is a tedious, overwhelming process. There are just so many things that you need to do to attract people to your website, to earn their trust, and finally to get them to swipe their credit cards. One of the tools that you can use to make things happen is article marketing. Your articles can help in capturing the attention of your prospects and in establishing your authority in your niche. Here are some article marketing tips that can surely help in securing more sales: 1.First step is to offer your prospects with amazing articles. There are so many internet marketers out there who are now using article marketing in promoting their products and website. In order to outplay them, I would recommend that you produce as many impressive high quality articles as possible. Your prospects will surely not mind spending time reading your copies if they know that they’ll get something out of them. Ensure that your articles are very informative and that they contain new and useful information. It will also help if you make them engaging and entertaining.2.Establish your authority in your niche. Next step is to give your prospects a reason to trust you. Why would these people visit your website? Why would they consider doing business with you? Why would they choose you over your competitors? Show them what you’ve got and prove to them that you’re the best in your niche. You can do this by making your articles speak volumes about your in-depth knowledge in your field. Offer trade secrets, useful guides, amazing techniques, and insider tips. You must offer more useful information compare to the people that you’re going up against so you can easily attract and impress your prospects. 3.Help your prospects. You would want these people to not soon forget about you. You would want them to remember your name and your articles each time they’re in need of information about your chosen niche. This will happen if you help them out or if you try to bring positive change to their lives or careers. Share with them your secrets on how they can solve their problems or your techniques to help them reach their goals. If you’re successful in helping these people, you can be assured that they’ll return the favor. Readers who are very happy with the articles they’re reading are the ones who click through the resource box and sign up to email marketing list. 4.Convince people to do business with you. Talk about yourself, your expertise in your niche, the products that you offer, and the problem that you solve on your resource box. Then, convince people to do click on the link that will take them to your squeeze page. In here, you can communicate the benefits that they’ll get should they sign up. It will also help if you offer them with testimonials of your most satisfied customers. These will surely play a big part when they’re deciding if they’ll do business with you or not.

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March 4, 2018

Promo Dashboard Review List Building That Converts

Submitted by: Titus Hoskins

List building is one of the most important elements of online marketing. Often it will determine the success or failure of your site or online business. Now there’s a handy product from well-known Internet Marketer Marlon Sanders, which will help you build your list: Promo Dashboard.

Since list building is one of my favorite subjects Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard held special interest for me. I am always eager to learn new ways to improve my list building methods and techniques. This product does not disappoint.

Promo Dashboard is a very detailed “point & click” solution to all your list building tasks. Easy to use and simple to implement – Marlon has gone out of his way to make list building something even the most novice marketer or webmaster can accomplish. Unlike many list building products, courses, ebooks, etc., there is no fluff or filler, just straight practical steps that take you from A to Z.

Promo Dashboard in a nutshell is all about building your list and converting your subscribers into buyers. It takes you step-by-step thru everything you need to do to build your opt-in list or lists and to get those prospects to check-out or buy your product.

But this is not just about building your list; it is also about promoting your products and business. This is direct, no-nonsense marketing advice on how to find your targeted audience, how to get these interested customers onto your list and how to convert these people into buyers. You get an online interface or site where you click on the icons on the DashBoard to get all the information you need to accomplish each task.

Marlon gives you an “audio overview” of the six major steps you need to do:

YouTube Preview Image

– targeting your market

– creating your offer

– building your squeeze page

– setting up your autoresponder

– promoting your offer

– turbo charging with Web 2.0

all these major steps are further divided into 6 sub-topics or things you need to do to “turbo charge” your promotions.

If all this sounds complicated, it isn’t.

Marlon always does a great job of breaking all these marketing steps and processes down into easy tasks even the beginning marketer can accomplish without too much sweat.

This is the main reason I like Promo Dashboard – it takes a rather complicated marketing process such as list building and breaks it down into simple steps anyone can do. That is also why I like all of Marlon Sanders’ Dashboard products which include Marketing Dashboard, Info-product Dashboard and Design Dashboard.

These Dashboards are practical “Point & Click” guides that break down rather complex marketing processes into simple, easy tasks anyone can do regardless of your own marketing background or experience. Besides, these products come from one of the legends of Internet Marketing… Marlon Sanders is a solid marketer who produces solid products that work.

Having done extensive work on list building myself, (I offer an online course and list building is one of my targeted keywords in Google – just check it!) I thought I knew everything about list building. However, PromoDashboard opened my eyes to many areas where I can fine-tune and improve my methods. It also offers excellent resources which I never thought of using before now… this is worth the price alone for me.

If you want a product that will give you ways to increase and improve your list or prospect building abilities, I would strongly recommend you consider Promo Dashboard. It is a simple “point & click” solution to all your list building problems. Moreover, it is a simple way for anyone to promote their site, business or products. Promo Dashboard delivers the goods and then some.

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December 15, 2017

One Way Links Are Given And Accepted With Love And Are For Ever.Grab Them!

By Kanaga Siva

Unlike Reciprocal Links, One-Way Links also known as Inbound Links are obtained by you or in fact given to you with Love and for ever. Yes,they have come to stay. One-Way Link is a link pointing to your website from another site. You do not have to link back to that website. In other words you need not reciprocate. One-Way Links play a vital role in increasing your Link Popularity.

Link Popularity is a measure of the number of sites of quality and relevance that point to your website. The more number of such sites, the higher will your page rank be.

Search Engines consider One-Way Links superior to Reciprocal Links because the website that links to your site without getting a link back, endorses the fact that yours is a website of quality.

Webmasters are known to adopt various methods to artificially increase the Link Popularity of their websites, such as purchasing of high PR links. Search Engines have now become aware of this and hence major Search Engines appear to be devaluing sites that solely depend on reciprocal links.

Good Reciprocal Links are often obtained by begging and are in some instances not permanent due to unethical practices of some webmasters. On the other hand One-Way Links have a different story to tell.

YouTube Preview Image

1. If your website has good content and valuable information, other webmasters will link to your site, because they Love and appreciate the contents of your site. You thus get a permanent One-Way Link more often with the same theme as that of your website.

2. I have posted about 550 articles in my website written by other webmasters, because I Love those articles and would like my visitors too, to appreciate and benefit from these articles. Similarly several hundreds of webmasters have published my articles in their Directories, Ezines, Newsletters and Websites for the same reason.

Writing expert articles of quality, that are informative and educative, sincerely from your heart is appreciated by the audience. The result is that your articles are often sought after and published by webmasters. Thus you are given a permanent One-Way Link with Love.

3. Listing in Web Directories is another great way of securing One-Way Links. In addition to well known Directories such as Yahoo Directory (charges a fee for guaranteed listing), The Open Project Directory (DMOZ), and Joe Ant Directory, there are several other Secondary Directories that Love to list your website without requesting a link back. A list of these Directories can be obtained by going into the Search Engines. By submitting your website to the relevant category in these directories you are assured of a high quality relevant One-Way Link that will be there for ever.

Furthermore there are several high PR Directories who Love to list your website but charge a fee for listing. Get listed and you are again assured of a quality relevant One Way Link for ever.

4. If you have purchased a product and like the product, write a good testimonial about the product and send it across to the webmaster or vendor concerned with your URL in it. He would be thankful to you and would Love to publish your testimonial, thereby giving you a One-Way Link.

In addition to these methods there are additional ways in obtaining one way links by posting relevant comments in Forums, Blogs and submitting Press Releases etc.

To increase their link popularity, webmasters endeavor to acquire as many quality reciprocal links or one way links. For reasons already indicated Webmasters Love one-way links and Search Engines appear to Love them even more.

The manner in which One-Way Links are obtained can be viewed from a different perspective altogether.

Webmasters Love your website and link it to theirs. They love your articles and post it in theirs. They love your product and write a glowing testimony. Directories love your quality website and list it. You love them in return for giving you a One-Way Link for ever. On the other hand in reciprocal links exchange or link trade as some term it the whole approach revolves around begging and bargaining.

The more number of relevant one way links you obtain, the greater and faster your chances of increasing your link popularity and climbing up the Page Rank ladder. The benefits of a high page rank are numerous. So the earlier you start to capitalize on these On-Way Links that are given for ever with love, the happier you are going to be.

About the Author: Copyright 2006 Kanaga Siva. Kanaga Siva has a wealth of experience in Marketing and also running a Home Based Business. Visit his Website

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December 6, 2017

Benefits Of Being Listed On A Local Tradesmen Directory}

Submitted by: Jason Ezzell

If you are reading this article, chances are you have only recently heard of local tradesmen directories or you have taken it for granted in the past and are now more open to the idea of posting your services on an online directory. Local tradesmen directories are not only beneficial for your business; it is also a great way for customers to know about your service. Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider signing up your service onto a local tradesmen directory.

High Quality of Online Traffic

Local tradesmen directories filter the businesses that sign up to them. This filtering process eliminates businesses that do not pass the online directorys quality checks. There is no filtering in major search engines such as Yahoo or Google. Therefore the kind of traffic that you gain is not useful to you or your business. Because customers are ensured that the listings that go on the online directory have been well vetted, the chances of them availing your service are higher.

YouTube Preview Image

Be Able to Target Your Ideal Demographic

Online local tradesmen directories groups business listings into separate categories for location and services provided. This in turn will make it convenient for customers to be able to find your business without much hassle and it will fulfil your need to target a certain group of people as prospective clients.

You Will See a Dramatic Increase in Your Customers

People who go to local tradesmen directories do so with a mind-set that they will avail a product or service. They do not just go there to randomly check out the listing. So it is sure that one of the visitors will take the bait and do business with you. These clients can also turn into loyal customers over time and are highly likely to introduce your service to their friends and loved ones.

You Can Build Useful Links to Your Companys Website

Signing up for a local tradesmen directory means you are linking your website to an online directory that can help you create links to help your websites SEO performance and standings. The higher the number of relevant links that are associated to your website, the better is your overall SEO rankings. This way, you will be able to get more customers and gain business from a specific group of people.

Your Relevance in the Industry Will Be Increased

By listing your service on a local tradesmen directory you no longer have to worry about being trampled by SEO big leaguers on the internet. Sometimes, your service may go unnoticed if its just floating on the internet because people do not normally go beyond the first page of their search engine. On online directories, all listings have an equal chance of getting noticed and no one listing is superior to the other. Its a level playing field. On online local tradesmen directories, its all in the hands of the customers whether they want to hire you for your service or not. You are not under any disadvantage like in other big search engines.

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October 27, 2017

Faridabad Yellow Pages}

Submitted by: Akanksha Chauhan is a free online yellow page website designed and developed by WEB SEEKERS Development Group. is a free online yellow pages & information guide that helps buyers & service providers in finding and promoting their respective businesses. The website provides full information about Businessed, Organizations, Companies, Importer, Exporters, Service providers, Shopping Malls, Professionals, etc.

It is a matter of great pleasure in presenting to you the website which suits everyone’s needs. We are greatly thankful to all our friends and users for assisting us in adding information on different fields. We at currently serving as a information bank with more than 3000 users and listings registered with us. The objective behind this is to help the internet visitors in finding any possible services in their local area.

ChaloFaridabad enables its members to scale higher visibility and to have privileged exposure to buyers across the globe. Exposure in own community, superior ranking, and frequent visit of potential buyers have turned our solution as simply matchless to lot of companies in Faridabad.

Advertising is very important to your business and that to ONLINE YELLOW PAGES. The fundamentals are tricky and the competition stiff and thats why we are offering services to all in Faridabad so that they can promote their businesses and premises with ease. The benefits of advertising with us includes…

1. You’re available 24-hours a day. People are usually ready to make a purchase or get more information when they use the Yellow Pages.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Studies show six out of 10 consumers contacted a contractor from an ad in the Online Yellow Pages. Out of that number, 35-40% made a purchase and an additional 25-30% said they were likely to make a purchase.

3. Tell your customers the benefits of buying your products/services immediately! There’s not much time so you have to grab a potential customer’s attention. Tell them how long you’ve been in business, why you are different from your competitors and what associations you belong to.

4. is the next generation yellow pages which contain unique information that is not available elsewhere at any price.

5. The innovative ePages option with us are updated daily and allows the visitor to make advanced queries such as finding merchants who sell a specific product/service.

6. You can publish your complete business profile in including postal address, telephone number, fax number, email address, website address, cell phone number, product description for FREE.

7. You can browse the site by area, by company/service name, by industry specific products & services.

We further welcome suggestions from time to time for its onward expansion. We would also like to assure my advertisers and users, that we shall continue to provide exhaustive commercial. is Faridabad’s No.1 Yellow Pages Business and Industrial Directory. Find anything or everything in Faridabad. Register Now! is a website which provides information about Faridabad District. Its an online Yellow-page directory providing comprehensive information about Faridabad Business Organizations and Companies along with their complete details like contact, products and services. We presently have more then 3000 listings in the website and we aim at providing exhaustive information about all the possible businesses, professions, shops, stores, institutions, etc. throuh the portal. Launching Soon: Get your own web page on to advertise your products.

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